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The Empowered Mama Recharge

$125Purchase required to enroll
To empower means to "make [someone] stronger and more confident, especially in controlling [one's] life and claiming their rights." So get ready to feel liberated and uplifted at THE EMPOWERED MAMA RECHARGE with Lisa Druxman, founding mama of FIT4MOM.

It's time for you to get out of overwhelm and into a life filled with health and happiness. Aren’t you tired of being tired? Aren’t you ready to feel recharged and excited about your life? You always hear that you need to put your oxygen mask on first, and now is the time to give back to you, Mama. You can't pour from an empty cup...

Join Fit4Mom founder, Lisa Druxman, for a full day filled with tools and tips to recharge your life, including fitness, life balance, meditation, life coaching, and more. At The Empowered Mama Recharge you will find the strength, love, and energy you've been yearning for to lead your family in health and happiness.

When was the last time you spent a day focused on your life? When is the last time you've actively participated in events and activities to ensure you can - and are - living a happy and balanced life? At The Empowered Mama Recharge you will walk away rejuvenated and empowered to start living your best life, starting with Y O U, M A M A.

The day will include the following:

- Visiting your values & vision
- Writing your our personal mission
- Pin-pointing where you feel off-balanced
- MIT's
- Tools how to get time back on your side
- Tips how to fit fitness into your busy life and jam-packed schedule
- Meditation
- Designing the life you've imagined and deserve
- A workout with Lisa Druxman
- 0.4 FIT4MOM CECs

#themotherhoodisreal; The Empowered Mama Recharge is here to help you fill your cup of life back up to the brim with positivity, gratitude, time management, health, fitness, and overall women's wellness. Find your center. Find your balance. Find YOU.


"My bucket was filled immensely by attending the retreat! I will attend again!"

"I especially enjoyed having some time for ME, giving myself the gift of allowing me the time to focus and recharge my life. Reminders to be grateful! The permission to take time for myself."

"Clarity, a vision, the freedom to achieve my goals, a chance to act upon my dreams, perspective from others, and a plan for the
next step in my life"

"I have gained a new perspective on life."

"Loved the small group atmosphere. It was a warm, safe environment. It was authentic which makes it feel safe to be honest"
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